Tra oggetto e suono


Link a una serie di materiali di straordinaria ispirazione:

AirPiano – Musical Interface

Balloon Bass

Balloon Bass/How To

Balloon Organ

Bubble Organ by Aaron Wendel

Cultural Preservation – sensorial system

Delia Derbyshire

Electric stimulus to face -test3 (Daito Manabe)

Exploratorium – AfterSchool activities, Jitterbug

Glass armonica (harmonica) played by Vera Meyer

György Ligeti – Poème Symphonique For 100 Metronomes


How to make a tomato glow

How to charge an ipod with an onion

– “Hypersense Complex

John Cage about silence

Luigi Russolo

Maywa Denki (1)

Maywa Denki (2)

Maywa Denki (3)

Music for an apartment and six drummers

Musique concrete / Pierre Schaeffer – “etude aux chemins de fer”

Musique concrete / An acoustical map of urban environment

Naná Vasconcelos suona il Berimbau (live Rome ‘83)

Ode to a Ford

Poême électronique

Reactable live in Berlin (1)

Reactable live in Berlin (2)

Rice resonance


Russolo Ensemble, Intonarumori/Noise makers (Reconstruction)

Singing Tree


The Hydraulophone

Theremin (1)

Theremin (2)

Theremin (how to make)

– UAKTI – Oficina Instrumental – sito officiale

VEP Project Documentary (= Virtual Electronic Poem)


Vrbovski vit’azi (slovak band) (1)

Vrbovski vit’azi (slovak band) (2)

Yossi Fine


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